Shock-absorbing sports tiles

Shock-absorbing sports tiles

Rubber shock-absorbing sports tiles

Now available: the highest quality shock-absorbing floor tiles

Now available: the highest quality shock-absorbing floor tiles

A new manufacturing process that is both more environmentally friendly and more efficient. Our shock-absorbing tiles are now made while respecting the planet, with less CO2 emissions and less pollution. This is a technical advancement that will likely become mandatory in the coming years.

Our process also allows us to have less shrinkage, going from a size tolerance of 2% to just 0.5%, which allows you to have giant shock-absorbing tiles of 1m x 1m with almost no shrinkage, unlike tiles found on the market that are sometimes less than 98cm x 98cm, even though they are advertised as 100cm x 100cm. We have a remarkable manufacturing quality with a fire standard: Dfl – s1.

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Rubber shock-absorbing tiles

Choose our rubber shock-absorbing tiles for your fitness or weightlifting area! Whether in a gym, fitness center, or at home, you can protect your surface with our rubber shock-absorbing tiles. The installation of our tiles also helps to reduce noise pollution. ANC Dalle offers you a wide range. Our innovative and high-quality gym flooring preserves the appearance of your floors.

Tiles combining safety and comfort

Our rubber sports tiles are the benchmark for your sports floors, whether used intensively or occasionally. Our sports tiles are, of course, non-slip, ensuring safety and comfort when handling heavy loads. Our shock-absorbing tiles offer maximum floor protection for your gym.

Anti-noise and shock-absorbing floor tiles

Our anti-noise and shock-absorbing sports and fitness tiles have excellent shock and vibration absorption. The thicker the tiles you choose, the more the shock wave will be reduced under heavy loads. Their density provides exemplary sound absorption.

Non-slip fitness tiles

Our non-slip fitness tiles are easy to install and resistant to shocks, absorbing heavy object falls. Very lightweight and easy to handle, our fitness tiles are easy to cut. ANC Dalle offers a wide range of colors, allowing you to customize your fitness room.

Fine-grain floor covering

The very fine granules of our sports tiles offer a nearly smooth finish that is easy to clean. Our pro-quality rubber tiles are the benchmark for your home gym or professional sports facility.

Fine-grained floor covering

The very fine granules of our sports tiles offer a smooth finish that is easy to clean. Our pro-quality rubber tiles are our reference for your homegym or professional sports hall.

Shock-absorbing tiles for the gym

Our gym floor tiles are ultra-resistant. It is important to have a gym floor covering system to protect floors from damage and intensive use. These shock-absorbing tiles are practically stain-resistant, limit dust, and offer better safety and traction for your athletes’ shoes.


Our multi-purpose sports tiles

Our shock-absorbing tiles are of remarkable quality and can withstand tons without sagging. Here is an example of our client who uses them for his workspace to avoid joint fatigue. Our shock-absorbing floor coverings have multiple advantages in several areas.

Are you wondering if our tiles are of quality? Can they withstand increased loads? We invite you to see for yourself with this image where our sports tiles are laid around our client’s workspace where he works standing or kneeling all day and they receive vehicles every day. Their main use is, of course, for sports, but not only!

The "Le Figaro Sport" newspaper talks about us:

Sports tiles

Our sports floor tiles – weightlifting floor – CrossFit floor – fitness floor are non-slip and ideal for CrossFit, weightlifting and floor exercises.

Also available upon request with a thickness of 30mm

High-quality rubber flooring

Our sports tiles are made from high-quality recycled SBR rubber. Each sports tile measures 1 meter x 1 meter with a thickness of 20mm or 25mm. They are ideal for covering the floor of a sports hall, gymnasium or your home gym.

Quality of our shock-absorbing tiles

Our SBR rubber has a neutral odor and is highly durable. We recommend gluing the sports tiles for better stability. The tiles can be easily cut with a large blade cutter.

Our shock-absorbing rubber sports tiles are durable and resistant, and can be easily cleaned with a vacuum or mop. However, please note that greasy substances can damage the rubber.

Using our rubber fitness tiles

Our shock-absorbing floor tiles are a perfect choice for equipping and securing your sports area. Our rubber sports tiles are easy to install on the floor (it is best to glue them for longevity). Our sports tiles, specially designed for rubber sports, can also be installed in other areas such as horse boxes or under washing machines or any other vibrating machine to isolate noise or absorb vibrations.

Cutting our sports tiles

The tiles can be easily cut with a large blade cutter by passing the blade several times in the same place.

High-density flooring for weightlifting, CrossFit, fitness and home gym

If you want high-performance flooring for your professional weightlifting gym, fitness club, CrossFit or home gym, ANC Dalle has the solution for you! Our flooring tiles are available in the quantities you need. We can also provide different types of flooring for your weightlifting gym (such as floor mats, synthetic grass or outdoor play area tiles) based on your specific needs.

To have an optimal work surface, our tiles provide a shock-absorbing mat with a remarkable dimension of 1 meter x 1 meter. They are the ideal solution for demanding athletes who require a large, durable and safe surface for their workouts. Our shock-absorbing floor tiles protect your floor during intense sessions and are ideal for heavy weights. The manufacturing process of our floor tiles allows for the absorption of rebounds and impacts of weights when they are dropped on the floor, reducing both noise and rebound. The installation and cleaning of our tiles is very easy, and they are built to last. You can use our tiles as a floor mat to cover the floor of your sports area, or create your own weightlifting area, etc. Our top-quality floors are the solution for safe and secure sports areas.


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