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The ANC Dalle difference

The unquestionable difference

Our latest-generation checkerboard tile has been improved for an incomparable aesthetic result!

We placed the diagonal reinforcements under the tile, which was visible on the top, making the appearance less uniform.

The injection points have also been placed under the tile, allowing for an exceptional carbon checkerboard effect that cannot be compared to first-generation tiles.

The attachments have also been reinforced and are now firmer.

Our checkerboard tile is the benchmark on the market.

The quality of our tiles

Distinguish your outdoors

Our floor tiles are made with the latest-generation polypropylene, charged with anti-UV above what is available on the market to maintain stable colors indoors and outdoors. We have the strictest specifications to provide you with tiles of impeccable quality.

Beware of low-quality polypropylene tiles; the difference is in the quality of the polypropylene and in particular, tiles without anti-UV agent or with a low dose. In fact, all these quality criteria have a manufacturing cost but are not visible to the naked eye. Check the dimensions (40x40cm), as tiles can often be smaller, resulting in what you believe is a good deal but in time, your investment goes up in smoke.

Trust us; our tiles have exemplary manufacturing quality. Laure GAYTE, a professional quality manager, has made it a point of honor to provide you with impeccable quality tiles!

Our floor tiles have a French fire standard.

Our floor tiles are made from the latest generation of polypropylene, with a higher level of UV protection than any other material on the market, in order to maintain stable colours indoors and outdoors. We have the strictest of specifications to provide you with tiles of impeccable quality.

How to install them?

Last-generation manufacturing and raw materials

Our latest-generation floor tile has a sleek design and improved attachments that are much firmer, with no visible diagonals or injection points. Our tile is discreetly engraved with our brand in the center of the tile.

Stand out!

A project ?


Installation of your perforated floor tiles

Self-installation is a breeze.

Installing perforated floor tiles is surprisingly easy and quick. You don’t need to be a seasoned handyman before you embark on installing our polypropylene snap-together floor tiles. Finishing borders are available for garage door entrances in two types: “female” and “male” (use female borders to start installing perforated tiles at garage door entrances). The polypropylene tile borders also serve as finishing edges when the tiles do not end against a wall (male borders are generally used when borders are needed all around a podium, for example, half female and half male). When the tiles meet a wall, a 5mm expansion joint is sufficient, and in this case, borders are unnecessary.

New: protective shell

Protective shell

Print your logo on our solid tiles custom-machined to order

Our printing tiles are machined from a PVC block and printed on an aluminum plate in our printing lab with intensive-pass quality printing with protective film.

The tile printing can be changed if necessary at a low cost.

Our printed tiles can also be used outdoors.

Standard format: A 40cm x 40cm tile

Maxi format: A 2.80m x 1.20m tile

Unclip your polypropylene tiles, even in the middle of the room, thanks to our specially designed hook for this purpose. You must unclip your perforated tiles at the junction of four tiles.

The protective shell

The new ANC tile innovation to protect your tiles with sensitive colors, for DIY enthusiasts, and for vintage cars that have some engine oil leaks.

Nose edging and corner borders

The nose edging borders measure 40cm x 6cm and are installed at garage door entrances or around the tiles when used for a podium, with corner borders completing the bordering at the four corners.

You do not need borders against walls as you must leave a 5mm gap next to them.

The corners are useful only when you border at least two sides with borders.

Polypropylene flooring

Our perforated tiles are made of polypropylene, a premium, high-end plastic. All our garage flooring products are designed to withstand extreme heat or cold. Our perforated polypropylene tiles are easy to clean. Just like ordinary flooring, we recommend sweeping dirt, dust, and debris from the garage with a broom. Additionally, you can clean your garage floor with a mild soap and water solution. You do not need glue or special tools. Our snap-together polypropylene tiles transform your garage in just a few hours.

Flooring for automobile garages

Wondering which flooring to choose for your garage? We recommend our polypropylene tiles for their many advantages. These tiles are highly shock-resistant and visually appealing, making them the perfect choice for garage flooring with their safety, durability, and easy maintenance. You can show off your cars, motorcycles, or other vehicles with our flooring. Renovate your garage floor with the range of colors of our tiles. Your new workshop is ready for use and can accommodate new vehicles.

Showroom flooring

Do you want to add a new touch to your automotive sales space or showroom? Are you looking for an attractive, durable, and easy-to-install solution? Choose our showroom flooring! Whether for creating or renovating your floors (indoor or outdoor), these tiles are easy to snap together with a pressure system. Our polypropylene floor tiles, specially designed for showrooms and exhibition halls, come in different colors, allowing you to showcase your exhibits better.

Checkered Effect Tiles

Anc Dalle offers durable and resistant checkered effect floor tiles. Our tiles measure 40cm x 40cm x 1.8cm and allow you to personalize your flooring while adding unparalleled aesthetic appeal. With these checkered effect tiles, your garage floor will be unlike any other!

Personalized quote

Get a FREE estimate with our online simulator

Do you want an accurate estimate for your project? Use our online simulator and get a personalized quote, free of charge and without obligation.

12 colors to choose from

Our new improved tile, marketed and in stock (since June 2021):

“The new tile with improved design and attachments, without visible central crosses or injection points.”

Enhance your floors

Our latest generation tile, (available since June 2021)

  • Our tiles measure 40×40 cm with a thickness of 1.8 cm and weigh 630 grams per tile

  • Available in 12 colors of your choice to personalize and design your garage

  • Our garage tiles clip together and can be directly laid on the floor. Installation is very easy without the need for glue or any DIY skills.

  • Cuts can be made with a jigsaw, with a special metal blade being ideal for a clean cut.

  • Our floor tiles are made of polypropylene, very strong and capable of withstanding extreme loads of up to 30 tonnes per square meter (although no one needs such resistance nowadays, you can be assured for many years to come)

  • Our latest generation tile has been improved, with no longer the diagonal lines seen on the top and the injection points being placed under the tile, allowing for an exceptional and incomparable carbon checkered effect compared to first-generation tiles. The fixtures have also been reinforced, making our checkered tile the market reference.

  • Our tiles are not brittle. They have an exemplary quality level in the market.

  • Fully rot-proof and 100% recyclable, treated with UV, our floor tiles can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

  • Our tiles are easily removable, it is very easy to unclip the tiles even in the middle of the room if needed.

  • Cleaning is done with a vacuum cleaner, a long-fringed mop and a degreasing household product.

  • Our tiles are rot-proof and resistant to extreme temperatures (-40°C to 120°C)

  • Our polypropylene floor tiles come straight from the race car stands and paddocks.

The quality and price of our tiles are a market reference. A tile costs €4, and 6.25 tiles are needed to cover 1 square meter, resulting in a price of €25/square meter.
The simplicity and speed of implementation are amazing. Easily renovate your garage or workshop floor. Transform your premises into a real showroom. Installation is quick, simple and the result is incredible.

Your pool terrace can also be covered with our tiles, which have strong anti-UV treatment. Our polypropylene tiles are water-resistant and rot-proof, with permanent drainage.

DIY becomes child’s play and a pleasure with our tiles that easily clip together without glue or any special equipment. You can lay the tiles directly on the floor, and cuts can be easily made with a jigsaw with a fine-toothed blade.

If you have a project, we can help you realize it. You also have access to our Simulator to visualize your future floor through this link SIMULATOR.

Let your ideas speak, colors blend easily together and allow you to personalize your floor to your image. Your floor will be unique, it’s up to you to play!


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