Recycled polypropylene tiles

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Perforated recycled polypropylene tiles

Our recycled polypropylene tile is now very popular for low-cost floors. It is the most economical solution we can offer, and the installation is always quick for this recycled range. Our recyclable polypropylene clip-on floor tiles will provide an easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain floor.

Our recycled tiles have a dimension of 40cm on each side and a thickness of 1.8 cm. 

To install them, there is no need to call a professional or have special tools. Our recycled tiles remain very strong, and our clip-on floor tiles have all the advantages to appeal to eco-conscious individuals at a lower cost!

What is the difference between a polypropylene tile and a virgin polypropylene tile?

Not everyone needs a sport car to get around every day, and it’s the same for floors. The difference will be in the number of available colors. Clearly, we cannot recycle all colors, which is why we offer only 5 colors in recycled polypropylene. However, you can still combine them with the premium perforated range. Small dots of colors may also appear without affecting the overall look of the floor once installed.

Dalles de sol clipsable polypropylène
Dalles de sol garage recyclée

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Excellent quality recycled material

The ANC tile difference

The undeniable difference

Our checkered tile made from recycled material is also manufactured using our latest generation mold that has been improved for an incomparable aesthetic result!

We have placed the reinforcement diagonals under the tile, which used to be visible on top and made the appearance less uniform.

The injection points have also been placed under the tile, allowing for an exceptional carbon-like checkered effect that cannot be compared with first generation tiles.

The fasteners have also been reinforced and are now firmer.

Our checkered tile is the reference in the market.

Polypropylene tile

Recycled 40cm x 40cm polypropylene tile

Our recycled perforated tiles are made from polypropylene scraps, which helps reduce production costs and move towards a more ecological world.

The aesthetic difference of our recycled tiles is in the surface, which is more shiny and sometimes has small visible color dots, but this does not affect the final result.

This tile is designed to lower purchase costs for large areas such as workshops, garages, and all indoor spaces. All recycled material is strictly controlled and evaluated with care. The recycled material used to make the tiles remains of very high quality!

Using recycled polypropylene tiles

We offer you recycled material floor tiles designed for high-traffic areas. A recycled material floor tile that combines economy and environmental respect. Recycled material tiles are used as flooring in garages, workshops, or any other indoor space. Our standard attachment system, reinforced by simple clips, facilitates installation.

Renovate your floors now with 100% recycled tiles!

Perforated recycled polypropylene tile 40x40cm, thickness 1.8cm, weight per tile 610 grs

Characteristics of our recycled tiles

  • Increased resistance to weight, non-slip surface, perfect fastening system that securely connects the tiles.

  • Resistant to chemical products, maintenance is very easy with a vacuum cleaner, floor washer, or mop.

  • Our recycled floor tiles are simply installed without glue or other fixing tools.

  • Our floor tiles can be easily cut with a jigsaw.

  • A space of at least 5mm at the wall level is recommended.

  • Our recycled floor tiles are designed for use in industrial and residential settings, such as parking lots, garages, workshops, and industrial spaces. 

Avantages de nos dalles recyclées

Clip-on tiles for any stable surface:

Our recycled PVC tiles offer a simple and quick interlocking system for an aesthetically pleasing, durable, and cost-effective floor protection solution. They can be installed quickly without the need for glue or tools.

Maintenance and Cleaning :

Cleaning and maintenance is easy with our recycled PVC tiles, which can be cleaned with a simple mop or floor cleaning solution, or with a floor scrubber for larger surfaces.

Our recycled PVC floor tiles are an ideal solution for enhancing your floors without the drawbacks of traditional tiling. They offer the same durability and aesthetic appeal without the hassle.


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