Recycled polypropylene tiles

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22,50 € including VAT /m2

Perforated recycled polypropylene tiles

Our recycled polypropylene tile is now very popular for low-cost floors. It is the most economical solution we can offer, and the installation is always quick for this recycled range. Our recyclable polypropylene clip-on floor tiles will provide an easy-to-install and easy-to-maintain floor.

Our recycled tiles have a dimension of 40cm on each side and a thickness of 1.8 cm. 

To install them, there is no need to call a professional or have special tools. Our recycled tiles remain very strong, and our clip-on floor tiles have all the advantages to appeal to eco-conscious individuals at a lower cost!

What is the difference between a polypropylene tile and a virgin polypropylene tile?

Not everyone needs a sport car to get around every day, and it’s the same for floors. The difference will be in the number of available colors. Clearly, we cannot recycle all colors, which is why we offer only 5 colors in recycled polypropylene. However, you can still combine them with the premium perforated range. Small dots of colors may also appear without affecting the overall look of the floor once installed.

Dalles de sol clipsable polypropylène
Dalles de sol garage recyclée

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