Solid PVC Tiles

29.4€ incl. VAT /m2

Pro quality sold in boxes of 10 tiles

It should not be laid outside or exposed to the sun, even indoors, as it expands considerably (tiles must be glued indoors if the sun reflects on them)

Our clip-on PVC tiles have been very popular lately. They are the quickest solution for flooring your indoor spaces. Our PVC tiles add a touch of modernity or authenticity to your premises.

Each tile measures 50cm x 50cm and is 7mm thick. They are easy to install and require no special tools or expertise. Our clip-on flooring is robust, aesthetically pleasing, and modern, making it a great choice for any space.

Our clip-on PVC tiles are manufactured with virgin PVC, meaning there is no recycled PVC in our tiles. We have strict quality control measures in place to ensure that we provide you with the highest quality tiles. Beware of lower quality tiles, which may have inferior PVC or thickness. Our PVC tiles are designed to meet the demands of heavy industry and are also suitable for residential use.

Please note that our clip-on tiles should not be used outdoors or exposed to direct sunlight, as they may expand. They are best suited for indoor use, and should be glued down if exposed to direct sunlight.
Dalle de sol pour garage et atelier épaisseur 7mm

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Interlocking and Non-Slip

Interlocking PVC Floor Tiles

PVC Floor Tiles

Interlocking PVC floor tiles for a stylish floor

ANC Dalle is your partner for interlocking PVC floor tiles. Need a new floor in record time? Is your floor paint no longer holding up? Opt for our solid tiles for your floor covering: an aesthetic and advantageous solution! Our interlocking PVC floor covering is resistant and durable. As for the installation of interlocking PVC tiles, all you need is a flat floor. Let your ideas flow, colors mix easily and allow you to customize your floor to your liking. Your floor will be unique, it’s up to you!

The advantages of our interlocking PVC solid tiles

Our interlocking PVC solid tiles can be used for workshops, garages, and showrooms. This will allow you to further highlight cars. Our interlocking solid tiles offer you multiple advantages.

  • High-quality materials, resistant to wear even with heavy traffic
  • Waterproof
  • Quick installation
  • Easy drainage
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Very affordable cost option
  • Several color options for interlocking solid PVC tile covering available
  • Provides sound and thermal insulation
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Non-slip

Checkerboard Effect Tiles and 3D Cube Tiles

Anc Dalle offers clip-on polypropylene tiles with checkerboard or 3D cube effects for a more personalized touch. You can choose from a variety of colors in these PVC tiles to find the perfect look to match your style. Black, gray, and earthy tones are the most common, but bright colors are also available. Resistant to heavy loads such as cars and motorcycles, our solid clip-on PVC tiles would be the perfect choice for professional and private garage flooring. They can also be used to renovate floors in hotels, showrooms, and parking lots.

Design your floors for a completely customizable showroom-worthy decoration!

Clip-on Tiles

50x50cm Clip-on Tiles, 7mm thick

  • Our clip-on PVC floor tiles have increased resistance to load, non-slip surface, perfect fixing system that firmly connects the tiles.

  • Our PVC tiles are resistant to chemicals, and maintenance is very easy with a vacuum cleaner, floor cleaner, or mop.

  • Our clip-on PVC floor tiles are easy to install without glue or any other fixing tool.

  • Our PVC tiles can be easily cut to fit any space.

  • A minimum 5mm space at the wall level is recommended.

  • Our PVC floor tiles are designed for the industrial environment, and are therefore perfect for residential floors (parking lots, garages, hotels, shops, offices…).

Clip-on PVC tiles for all types of surfaces

Simple and fast interlocking of our PVC tiles for durable and economical aesthetic protection of your floor. QUICK installation without glue or tool, a simple mallet is sufficient.

Maintenance and cleaning of our solid clip-on tiles

Cleaning our clip-on PVC tiles is done with a simple mop or a floor scrubber for large surfaces, with any floor cleaning product.

Our PVC floor tiles are the ideal solution to enhance your floors instead of tiles. They are simply the equivalent of tiles without the drawbacks of the latter.

  • Clip-on PVC tiles by interlocking.

  • Flooring for garage, workshop, showroom.

  • Modular PVC floor tiles, sold to individuals and professionals. Stand out with our industrial-quality tiles.

  • Our solid PVC floor tiles are perfectly suited to decorate your floors.

  • Increased resistance to compression.

  • Resistant to fluids.

  • Tinted in the mass.

  • For indoor use only.

  • Easy to maintain with our solid non-porous tiles.

  • Our garage tiles clip on very easily with a mallet.

  • Direct installation on stable and level ground.

  • PVC garage tiles.

  • Customizable floor at will.

  • Design your garages with our solid PVC tiles.

  • Also ideal for GAEC.


High-quality interlocking solid tiles

Dalle de sol pour garage et atelier épaisseur 7mm

The quality and price of our interlocking PVC tiles are a benchmark in the market. One PVC tile costs 7.4€, and it takes 4 PVC tiles to cover 1m2, resulting in a price of 29.6€/m2.

Easily renovate the old tiling of your garage or workshop floor and turn your space into a real showroom. The installation is quick, easy, and the result is amazing.

Our PVC tiles are water-resistant and rot-proof, and the floor is easy to clean. However, our PVC tiles are not suitable for outdoor use. If the tiles are exposed to sunlight, they should be glued to prevent expansion.

With our tiles, DIY becomes a pleasure as they can be installed without glue (if they are not exposed to sunlight). You can install the tiles directly on your floor, and cutting them is easy with a jigsaw equipped with a fine-toothed blade.

If you have a project, we can help you realize it. We also have a simulator at your disposal to visualize your future floor via this link.

Enhance interior floors

Interlocking solid tiles to enhance interior floors

Our interlocking PVC tile is a solid tile with a finish comparable to tiling but without the constraints. A non-perforated floor, easy installation without glue or joints. However, the solid tile is not suitable for direct sunlight exposure. The solid tiles are made of PVC, which expands significantly when exposed to sunlight. That is why we do not recommend installing PVC tiles in direct sunlight. The perforated tile is the perfect alternative.

Our easily interlocking PVC tiles are self-leveling and weigh 1.7 kg per tile, providing stability. They are made of premium quality virgin PVC material, manufactured under the constraints of heavy industry. They have various uses, such as laundry rooms, garages, sports facilities, hangars, and workshops. Our PVC tiles are highly dense and can easily support the weight of a vehicle.

You can use our simulator to create a floor according to your preference with several available colors. The price remains the same regardless of the number of colors chosen, for all our ranges of floor tiles.

Cover your floor yourself with the easy installation of our floor tiles. You can install them alone or with others without the need for a professional builder.

Cleaning is comparable to tiling, and you can use the same cleaning products for both. Our PVC tiles are of remarkable quality due to their exemplary manufacturing and the use of high-quality raw materials.


Install your PVC tiles easily and quickly with the tongue and groove clipping system using a simple mallet. In most cases, you do not need to prepare your floor, just install the tiles directly on your hard and stable floor without the need for leveling if your floor is even. The installation is carried out on a hard and stable surface, a concrete floor will be perfect! Cuts can be made with a jigsaw with fine-toothed blades.


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